Scott Gregory was appointed as the Deputy Director of Technology, effective July 13, 2020. The Deputy Director of Technology is a new position that will participate in key technology decisions for the Department and ensure statewide critical technological systems are deployed and utilized evenly and effectively.  The Deputy Director of Technology will supervise the Information Technology Services, Telecommunications, and Research and Development programs.

Scott is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of experience in developing and managing complex IT implementations across local, state, and federal government, as well as the private sector and academia. Scott has served in a variety of senior management and executive roles where he has provided strategic visioning and delivery of technology statewide. In Scott’s previous role as the State’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer at the California Department of Technology, he was instrumental in the development and delivery of critical innovative and data-centric technology solutions for the state as well as the residents of California. Scott developed many firsts in the technology landscape of California.  He created the first statewide open data platform for better information sharing, the state’s first innovation lab where government can develop and build technology prototypes to prove out complex concepts, and created the first innovation academy where new innovative approaches are applied to challenges we face in government today. Scott’s focus on technology and innovation leadership has provided the state with a strong foundation for ways to better serve our constituents through technology.

Prior to his appointment as the State’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer by the Brown Administration in 2016, Scott served as the State’s Geographic Information Officer. In this role, Scott was able to deliver the first statewide GIS infrastructure that focused on reducing technology costs and extended the benefits of GIS to a wide variety of state and local users. He was also instrumental in broadening statewide geographic data access by launching the California Geoportal in 2013, which provided access to data resources for government and residents alike.

Before his tenure as the State Geographic Information Officer, Scott was the manager of the west coast public safety/homeland security market for Esri Inc. At Esri, Scott was able to forge many key relationships with public safety executives across the western US. Scott was a private sector representative with the federal Dept. of Homeland Security in the training of public safety professionals to assess critical infrastructure and key assets across California, using GIS technology. Scott was instrumental in working closely with Regional Threat Intelligence Centers to help them better assess threats by leveraging GIS technology. In his role with Esri, Scott deployed and implemented a multitude of technology offerings that increased the safety of our public as well as protected our key and critical resources.

During Scott’s service at the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), he demonstrated how technology can support command staff in better, more data-focused decision making. While at the US Army Corps of Engineers, Scott served as the GIS Manager and Geospatial Data Coordinator for the South Pacific Division. In this role, Scott was instrumental in the deployment and management of technology to support both military and civil engineering applications across the western United States.

Scott’s depth of technology experience is supported by his educational background. Scott holds a BA in Geography from Sacramento State University and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University.