Wildfire is coming. Are you ready?

Prepare yourself and your family by following these steps.

  1. Get ready

    Being ready for wildfire starts with maintaining an adequate defensible space and by hardening your home by using fire resistant building materials.

    Learn how
  2. Get set

    Create a plan with your family to evacuate your home should wildfire strike. Put together an emergency supply kit. Learn how to talk with young children about fire safety.

  3. Be ready to go

    Give your household the best chance of surviving a wildfire by being ready to go and evacuating early. Being ready to go also means knowing when to evacuate and what to do if you become trapped.


Prepare for Wildfire. Harden your Home.

Taking the necessary measures to prepare your home can help increase its likelihood of survival when wildfire strikes.
Learn More at ReadyForWildfire.org

CREATE ON YOUR PHONE Ready for Wildfire Checklist

Build your personalized Wildfire Preparedness Plan. Get text messages on active CAL FIRE incidents. Available in English and en Español.

Image of cell phone showing notifications to evacuate.

HARDEN YOUR HOME Defensible Space Inspection

When you sell property that is located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone, you’ll need documentation of a compliant Defensible Space Inspection. Schedule a defensible space inspection today!

CAL FIRE Burn Permit Application

Apply for a burn permit through the CAL FIRE Burn Permit Application.