Defending People, Wildland, and California’s Way of Life

We make a direct impact through effective forest management and fire containment.

: As California gets hotter and drier, the threat of wildfire increases

CAL FIRE is boldly meeting the challenges of California’s climate reality.

Largest firefighting force in the nation

With 12,000 permanent and seasonal personnel and the largest civilian firefighting air fleet in the nation, we protect over 31 million acres of wildland.

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Containing fires saves untold lives and structures

CAL FIRE aggressively fights fire, with the goal of keeping 95% of fires contained at 10 acres or less.

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Responding to ever-growing wildfire threats, as catastrophic becomes the new normal

The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California.

2020 was the largest wildfire season recorded in California's modern history with more than 4% of the state's total land burning in a single year. 

Remembering the Camp Fire

Demonstration State Forests Leading by Example

California’s forests are iconic. From the coastal redwoods, to the high sierra conifers, and Giant Sequoia’s, these forests help define our state. Our forests demonstrate how harvests and growth can be balanced over a century to maintain optimally stocked forests, all while providing public recreation. 

  • 14
    Demonstration State Forests
  • 85,000
A top down view of a lush forest

EMERGENCY RESPONSE On the scene when disaster strikes

In addition to the more than 7,500 wildfire incidents, we respond to an average of more than 550,000 emergencies each year.
  • 594,971
    Emergency responses in 2023
  • 7,127
    Wildfires in 2023

Fire prevention Reducing the risk of wildfire across the state

In order to reduce the fuel that spreads catastrophic fires and their damage, we have a bold goal to significantly increase the number of acres treated, as well as our Defensible Space inspections. Prescribed burns are just one of the strategies for preventing fires. 
  • 105,531
    Acres treated by fuel reduction in fiscal year 2022/23
  • 253,587
    Defensible Space inspections in the SRA during fiscal year 2022

CAL FIRE LAW ENFORCEMENT Keeping consumers and communities safe

  • Set standards for consumer and commercial fire retardants.

  • Investigate and determine the cause of fires.

  • Hold arsonists accountable.

Arson Arrest Statistics chart: 61 in 2018. 70 in 2019. 120 in 2020. 149 in 2021. 162 in 2022. 111 in 2023.

ECONOMIC IMPACT A major employer offering work that makes a difference

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California Department of Human Resources

  • 12,000+
    Full time and seasonal staff
  • Proud employer of veterans