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07/14/2024 7:03 AM
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07/05/2024 3:48 PM
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Santa Lucia Road near Zaca Lake
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Unified Command: USFS Los Padres National Forest, CAL FIRE, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, and Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
Incident Management Team
CAL FIRE IMT 5 & California Interagency Incident Management Team 13
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Resources Assigned

  • 3,418
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    Water Tenders
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Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.

Status Update

Situation Summary

There was an increase in humidity overnight which brought a decrease in activity over the Lake Fire.  There were some uphill runs of the fire in the early part of the evening. High temperatures are expected to rise to the mid-80's to lower 90's Sunday.




Road Closures

Clich HERE for a map of the most current Road Closures:

Happy Canyon Road: Closed at forest boundary due to Lake Fire.

Zaca Lake Road: Closed at Foxen Canyon Road.

Figueroa Mountain Road: Closed at Midland School due ot Lake Fire.

Old San Marcos Road: Closed due to Caltrans closue of Highway 154. 

Paratransit Resources

If you are an individual who has a disability or other access or functional need (AFN), and require transportation to a community cooling relief location, contact a paratransit provider near you:

Air Quality

Air Quality Status

If you see or smell smoke, or when air quality reaches unhealthy levels (Air Quality Index at 151 or greater):

  • Head indoors – the best protection against wildfire smoke is to stay indoors as much as possible;
  • Close all windows and doors to prevent bringing additional smoke inside;
  • If you must work outside during wildfire smoke conditions, use a properly fitted N-95 mask.

For more tips, click HERE.

CAL FIRE IMT 5 YouTube Channel

Visit the IMT 5 YouTube Channel for incident updates!

Evacuation Information

Evacuation Orders and Warnings

Click here for the interactive map: Santa Barbara County July 2024 Lake Fire Incident Map (

Fire perimeter advisement: Please note that fire maps indicate the general burn area but do not detail the measures being taken to protect buildings and homes. Even if a building or home is within the marked fire perimeter, it doesn't necessarily mean it has been damaged or destroyed. These maps are preliminary and may be updated.

Evacuation Order & Warnings Updates – as of July 13, 4:00pm

Evacuation Order downgraded to EVACUATION WARNING:

  • The area north of Chamberlin Ranch and properties located southwest of the 5200 block of Figueroa Mountain Road.
  • The Woodstock community and eastern parts of Oak Trail Estates. This excludes the area to the east of Lisque Creek and north of the Sedgwick Reserve facilities, which remains in Evacuation Order.
  • The area of KP Ranch west of Alisos Road, and includes parts of Estelle Vineyard Drive, Santa Agueda Creek, and Brinkerhoff Avenue.


  • The area east of Highway 154, north of Armour Ranch Road/Secretariate St, west of Alisos Rd, and south of the Woodstock and KP Ranch.
  • The area east of Figueroa Mountain Road, north of Highway 154, west of Calzada Ave/W Oak Trail Rd and south of Woodstock Rd.

The following areas remain under an EVACUATION ORDER:

  • The area east of La Brea Creek and Forest Route 10N06, south of the Los Padres National Forest boundary, and north of the Sisquoc River
  • The area to the east of Lisque Creek and north of the Sedgwick Reserve facilities. 
  • Goat Rock Areas (Area of Goat Rock, east of Figueroa Creek, north of the US Forest Service entrance at Happy Canyon Road, and south of Cachuma Mountain)
  • SB Ranger area (remote forest area east of Goat Rock)
  • Parts of the Figueroa Mountain area as follows: south of Tunnel House at Sisquoc River, east of Figueroa Creek, north of the southern end of Cachuma Mountain, and west of Los Padres National Forest areas
  • All areas from Figueroa Mountain Road at Junction Camp (including Tunnel Rd) to Chamberlin Ranch and all areas from Zaca Lake Rd. at Foxen Canyon Road north to the Sisquoc River

The following areas remain under an EVACUATION WARNING:

  • The area between 8721 Foxen Canyon Road and the intersection of Zaca Lake Road and Foxen Canyon Road. Foxen Canyon Road is this area is back open.
  • Area east of Kelly Canyon, north of Sisquoc River, west of La Brea Creek and Forest Route 10N06, and south of the Los Padres National Forest.
  • Area starting at the south end of Cachuma Creek, northeast of Santa Cruz Creek to Santa Cruz Peak, west through Grand Spring, and to the northern part of Cachuma Creek.
  • Area east and north of Alisos Rd (L-shaped road), west of Cachuma Creek, and south of the US Forest Service entrance at Happy Canyon Road.
  • Areas north of Zaca Creek Road to Rancho Sisquoc and south of the Sisquoc River

Note: Highway 154 is not within the Evacuation Warning and remains open at this time.

Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice if you live in an EVACUATION WARNING area described above. Prepare family members, pets and essential items. If you feel threatened at any time, leave immediately. Do not wait for an alert to evacuate. People with disabilities, access and functional needs should leave now. People with large animals should leave now.

For additional information regarding evacuation shelters, and other information related to the Lake Fire, contact the Santa Barbara County Call Center at (833) 688-5551.

The Call Center is open from 9am – 7pm, daily.

Please help keep emergency lines open. Only call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency.

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the community, however we are self-sufficient. We ask that any donations or volunteer efforts be directed to local food banks to assist the community and those displaced by fire. It is respectfully requested that we receive no more donations to the Lake Fire Incident Command Post.

Visit the County Road Closure Map for more details.

Emergency Sheltering Support:

For Shelter Assistance, call 805-678-3073.

Animal Evacuations:

Animal Services Disaster Line is live: 805-680-4622

If you need small animal housing, head to the closest animal shelter.

  • 1501 W Central Ave, Lompoc
  • 548 W Foster Rd, Santa Maria
  • 5473 Overpass Rd, Goleta

If you need small animal evacuation assistance, call 805-681-4332

If you need large animal housing, SM Elks Rodeo Grounds are open. 4040 Highway 101, Santa Maria, CA 93454

If you go:

  • Bring feed and water buckets
  • Head to GATE 2

If you need large animal assistance or can offer support for large animals, complete this form: HERE

Resources for Commercial Cattle/livestock Operators and Commercial Farmers with 40+ Acres

Ag Pass Program

Ag Pass: hours of operation from 7AM to 9PM. Mel Graham is available by phone/text (805) 896-6681 for anyone who needs a pass.

Ag Passes are for ranches over 40 acres to intended for farms and:

  • Protect or care for agricultural assets (such as irrigating crops or feeding, watering, and transporting livestock)
  • Provide support information to emergency personnel (such as identifying access roads and water points)

The purpose of creating a county-based "Ag Pass" program is to provide a uniform way to identify vetted commercial farm and ranch owner-operators and their employees to firefighting personnel, California Highway Patrol officers, Sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement officers, and other emergency personnel. Possession of an Ag Pass during a wildfire or a similar disaster (or, "all-hazard" emergency) potentially allows the agriculturalist limited emergency access to areas that may otherwise be restricted to the public.

If you are in the evacuation warning areas and need a temporary Ag Pass, please visit:

For small herds, small livestock, and equine evacuation please see the Animal Evacuations section.

Evacuation Zone Map

Find your way to safety from the Lake Fire in Santa Barbara counties.

Damages and Destruction

Confirmed Damage to Property, Injuries, and Fatalities.

  • 1
    Structures Damaged
    Residential, Commercial and Other
  • 3
    Structures Destroyed
    Residential, Commercial and Other
  • 0
    Confirmed Fire Personnel and Civilian Fatalities
  • 6
    Confirmed Fire Personnel and Civilian Injuries

Contact Information

Lake Fire Information Line

Agency Information

California Highway Patrol, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, Pacific Gas and Electric, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services, Santa Barbara County Public Works, California Department of Transportation, Santa Ynez Water District, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County Animal Services, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

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