CAL FIRE's Forest Practice Geographical Information System (GIS) captures spatial data for current timber harvesting activities and maintains extensive historic GIS data for over 4 million acres of California timberland. Silviculture, yarding, new road construction, watercourse classifications, and timberland conversions are stored through the GIS. Once in the GIS, this information can be graphically represented on maps, brought into Google Earth, or used in your own GIS system. The GIS data is available for land-use planning, the analyses of cumulative impacts, and to meet the requirements of California's Forest Practice Rules.






For those without access to GIS but in need of watershed mapping, the Forest Practice Watershed Mapper is a web-based mapping application allowing users to identify the status of a specific planning watershed regarding anadromous salmonids, 303.d waterbodies, Forest Districts, and average rainfall, all in the context of past and present timber harvesting activities.

Forest Practice Watershed Mapper

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