California has been devastated in recent years by catastrophic wildfires, changing the landscape of forests and wildlands, our homes and lives. As fires sweep through the state, keeping our forests healthy and wildfire resilient is more important than ever. Growing enough trees to meet the increasing need is our highest priority—and future seedlings will contribute to the strength and restoration of the state’s forestlands. 

The Reforestation Services Program serves all California forestlands by providing resources to protect and restore disturbed and degraded forests, maximizing their values, enhancing ecosystem functions, and increasing resiliency from climatic impacts.

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Attention Landowners: Identifying healthy trees for cone collection is an important first step to harvesting seeds for future reforestation needs. CAL FIRE is asking landowners to assist with locating developing cone crops on native California conifers (pine, fir, cedar, redwood). A potential stand of conifer trees consists of approximately 15-20 healthy trees with the top third of the tree containing unopened cones. Please take note of the location (e.g. GPS coordinates) and tree species observed. Please contact the Seed Bank Manager with information about your potential crop.

If you have tree climbing experience, are privately insured, and are interested in cone collections, please contact for details. 

It has become increasingly clear that no singular organization can work alone to address depleting conifer seed stock. The Reforestation Pipeline Partnership, led by American Forests and joined by CAL FIRE, the US Forest Service and other entities, have launched a new joint cone survey application where anyone can provide cone survey data. The Cone Observation Survey allows cone survey data to be shared across multiple organizations. This year is the kickoff, we ask that this be used when submitting survey data, and the public and private landowners are encouraged to participate. The State Seed Bank manager has distributed a memorandum containing a full description of how you can help support reforestation efforts in your region, additional resources, and detailed instructions on the Cone Observation Survey and criteria for rating cone crops.

About the Program

The L.A. Moran Reforestation Center has a long-standing history of serving California. Established in 1921, the Reforestation Center has been growing tree seedlings since its inception 100 years ago. Embracing CAL FIRE’s ongoing mission to protect the people and resources of California, the Reforestation Center has produced millions of tree seedlings for the state’s reforestation efforts.

The demand for tree-growing operations has expanded dramatically over the last decade due to California’s drought, tree mortality, and devastating wildfires. The Reforestation Center provides a reliable source of quality tree seedlings and seed stock to private landowners and public forests in California. We are expanding our operations to meet the growing needs of our communities.

Our native tree seeds are important for California’s future. Conifers like pine, sequoia, and cedars form cones. These cones produce seeds, part of the forest’s natural reproduction cycle. The Reforestation Center specializes in processing, lab testing, and growing seedlings from cone-bearing trees.

To obtain the highest quality seeds, the Reforestation Center surveys vast and often difficult to traverse locations throughout California. Harvesting superior seeds require using cones produced in the top one-third of the tree! We work closely with highly-trained climbers to reach these heights. Once harvested, the cone seeds return to the Center, where staff begins the rigorous procedure of processing and laboratory testing.

Located at Lewis A. Moran Reforestation Center, 5800 Chiles Road, Davis, CA, the Nursery is where trees are propagated from seed we collect and are carefully grown in state-of-art greenhouses. Because growing from seed can take an entire year, the Nursery works with public and private forests to forecast where demand will be for future seasons. The need for quality seedlings is only growing.

If you are a private forestland owner or want to restore native trees on your property, the Reforestation Center offers available seedlings to both private and public forestlands.

The state seed bank is a long-term seed repository stored in sub-zero freezer banks. Containing over 30,000 pounds of seed, the Seed Bank provides a wide variety of native tree species from a range of areas and elevations throughout the state. This helps restore native lands exposed to shifting climates, and rising uncertainties in the forest ecosystem.

The Seed Bank acts as protection against the threat of state-wide extinction, striving to preserve species for current and future generations of Californians. It is a vital part of reforestation’s future.

CAL FIRE’s L. A. Moran Reforestation Center is always seeking professional tree climbers for cone sampling and cone collections between July and October across the State. You must have your own liability insurance and gear. For more information, please contact the Seed Bank Manager.


For questions on your reforestation needs, please contact us at: (530) 753-2441.
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.

Email: Reforestation@Fire.Ca.Gov 

Topher Byrd

Statewide Reforestation Coordinator
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Jimi Scheid

Program Manager – Reforestation Services
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Kuldeep Singh

Operations Manager – Reforestation Services
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Denia Troxell

Seed Bank Manager
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Ethan Champion-Fritz

Nursery Manager
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PLEASE NOTE: Seedling requests for 2024 have met capacity. Please refer to the Conifer Seedling Sources (PDF) linked below for alternate nurseries, or check back in October for seedling overrun availability.


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